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How old are you? (Minimal 14 years old for HELPER. If you are younger than 14 do NOT apply for anything else than JR HELPER.)
I am 16 years old, born 11 July 2001.

Why do you want to apply for Staff? (Write minimal 100 words.)
Well, me and a friend of mine (Emmerlie with the 7 double chins) started on this server as a joke. We joined the Teamspeak and talked to some people and really liked it here, me in particular. I started doing small things, like building for Casper and/or Alex. Eventually I made a big building for the got talent show and became a builder which I really like, But now I would love to be a mod because of the fact that I can actually help people. Now I can help the players with build stuff but not with actually server stuff which I would really like to do (again)

What rank are you applying for?

What is your Minecraft Username?

How long can you be online on a normal day?
I think about 2 hours

Which timezone do you live in?

What are your Qualities? (Write minimal 50 words.)
I am very patient (which I need in my job as a teacher), Friendly, Direct (You will only hear the truth from me hun), I am also very understanding and will never refuse to answer or help a player with their needs. That being said I am always a listening ear for the players and I don't care which subject. Could be ingame but also outside the game.

Have you ever been banned or other punishments on any server? If so, please state why.
Not that I know

Do you have experience in serving as a Staff member? If so, please explain your tasks. (Write minimal 50 words.)
Yes I do have experience, I was a staff member on the populair dutch server  here I was a builder but also a MT staff member, vanish mod and server/forum moderator. My tasks were of course helping players with their needs. But I think the 3 most interesting things are the Moderator pats and the MT staff. Here I answered questions, banned players if needed or punish them in general, and also I accepted or declined ban appeals.

Have you made any previous staffapplications? If so, state how many and the date of your most recent application.

What is your Gender?

Why should we pick you? (Write minimal 100 words.)
Why should you pick me? Well that is a very good question my fellow human being, You should hire me because I am a very mature kid, of course just like everyone else I love joking with people that's why You can also see my childish side. Which isn't a bad thing because that's how you bond with players to talk about their problems and help them, Also I love to work with children and people in general (that's why I'm studying to become a teacher) You will never find a more human loving person than me. Thanks for your time!

Do you have Skype? If so please state your username below. (Skype and Teamspeak are required to become staff)
I do have skype: **************

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