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Hello Everyone,

Today we made the first steps to go global: We signed up on the international server lists!
So, from now there's also a new rule on our network:
Only on minetopia you may now speak Dutch in the public chat, in the other parts of the network you only may speak English in the public chat! In msg and factionschat you still may speak every language you'd like.

We'd Like to welcome all players which joining from now on via this way, and hopefully also ingame!

Kind regards,

The Toadcraft Staffteam.

27 Apr 2019, 21:06 0 | 12
Hello Everyone!

this weeks is last weeks event week so this is the last giveaway from our anniversary for now.
Sooo, we decided to end which a huge giveaway, so this week we don't give away a exclusive 5 year rank, but an Diamond Toad rank!!! 
But There are as usual requirements: Give this post a Tumbs up and let us know in the comment section below what you like the most about our server and what you hate the most at our server.
Only if you meet all 3 requirements mentioned above you are in the race for the rank.

the orginisation has always the right to end this giveaway before the announced deadline and to change the license at any time without any mention. 

Good Luck to all participants!!

Kind Regards,


14 Mar 2019, 14:41 11 | 41
Hello Everyone,

We have a  maintenance break today, we are not sure how long it will take but we will keep you updated trough this topic.

We apologise for the inconvience and we're trying to fix this asap.

Kind Regards,
The Toadcraft Development Team

UPDATE: We're back online.

08 Mar 2019, 07:38 0 | 5
Hello everyone,

This weeks giveaway is online, this time it's on our facebook account.
Rules to enter are stated in the giveaway post and the giveaway is running untill this saturday.

good luck to everyone.
Kind regards,
The Toadcraft Team

07 Mar 2019, 20:23 0 | 2
Hello Evéryone,

I'd like to let you know what events we're hosting in the first week of our 5th anniversary.

17-2 Lava race at our minetopia server.
20-2 Escape room game at our minetopia server.
21-2 dropparty at our minetopia server.
22-2 announcement winner first weeks giveaway.

That's all for first weeks events.
good luck and have fun for now.

Kind regards,
The Toadcraft Team

15 Feb 2019, 19:43 1 | 6