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Hello everyone,
Today our new factions server is going to open at 9 pm CEST.

Kind regards,
The Toadcraft Build Team.
The Toadcraft Development Team.

20 Jun 2018, 14:57 0 | 3

 Hello Everyone 

 We have restored a minetopia update for you guys!
 We have the LuckyShard update.
 You can see how many luckyshards with /luckyshards, /shards, /ls.
 With 1 luckyshard can give you a crate from a vending machine.
 These are at the spawn (piston). You get for every 4 hours online 1 LuckyShard.

 With 1 LuckyShard you get 4 items from the LuckyCrate.
 Best regards,
@ToadCraft Development team

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15 Jun 2018, 16:15 0 | 4

Hello everyone,

The ToadCraft Media is back!

We are back on social media. Click below and follow us on Faebook and Twitter.
What can you expect from social media:
   - Gamemode updates
   - Funny pictures
   - Important notifications
Follow us all on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, our forum moderators have been busy the forum again.
We hope that the currently somewhat clearer, because we're going to go to an English network we have English and Dutch separated. This is easier for everyone, Dutch to English and English to English.


@ToadCraft Media Team

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22 May 2018, 23:18 0 | 5
Hi everyone,

After working for a long time, there's finally a new Rescourepack.
Our updated ToadTopia Texturenpack Update V2.6. especially with clothing, food and some things for the future.

We mainly loooked at what the players of ToadTopia needed and wanted. For example. we asked serveral members what they wanted.
We hav e made beatiful shirt, food and many more nice items. Do you also want something in the texturepack post a topic into the minetopia folder of the forum.

You can download it HERE

Thanks to:
Snake_ Eye_17 

And also thanks to the owners:

click here for the dutch version

22 May 2018, 20:14 0 | 8