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You might have noticed it yet, maybe you haven't, but we have temporarily removed the possibility to make a Staff Application.
Well, if you've been wondering why, we got enough staff members at the moment, and we don't want to decline potential good staff members because we can't handle more staff.
So we decided to remove the possibility for a while, the possibility to apply for staff member might come back in a few weeks or months. Until then we won't accept any more staff, so don't even bother asking us to become Staff also, please.
Kind Regards,
The Toadcraft Staffteam

22 Mar 2017, 18:49 0 | 3

08 Mar 2017, 12:28 1 | 5

There have been loads of updates for Toadtopia past months.

Updates to make Toadtopia much more fun and cooler.


Updates like Vehicles including Helicopters, Cars, Motorbikes, Planes, Boats, Parachutes and even Trains!

Theres also Furniture, you can now have beautiful and fun furniture in your houses, buildings, gardens and more! Furniture like chairs, sunshades, tables, sofas, TV's and more!

Another update is a Resource Pack! You now have real weapons, awesome food, fancy hats and more! This Resource Pack even includes a phone which can be used! You can text your friends with it and such!


There have been a lot of updates the past month, not even every update is listed here since there have been that many we don't even remember all of the updates anymore which were not yet announced.


Also something not related with Toadtopia,

We have remade the whole page of our Staff Team. It now looks much better and less glitchy. Go take a look! 😁

22 Jan 2017, 23:24 1 | 9

We now have a new and better IP!

The old IP still works but we thought to have a easier and shorter IP for new players for them to be able to join easier and faster.



ToadCraft Network Staff

14 Dec 2016, 07:44 2 | 8

Voting links:

Minecraft Multiplayer

Try to vote every day to get us higher in the ranking!


We now have voting enabled with rewards on most of our servers!

When voting you will get Voting Crate Keys, those can be used to open Crates with multiple different types of items.

You can get voting rewards in Factions, Skyblock, Toadtopia, Games, and more...

You may be thinking, what can you get in Toadtopia out of crates?

Well, we will be having a Casino in Toadtopia with a couple of games including the Crates.

If you vote, you will get a key to open a Voting Crate, but will also be able to buy different keys for other types of crates.

You can get multiple amounts of money to use in Toadtopia, so if you get lucky enough to have a good prize you get profit from the casino!

We are still working on the Casino in Toadtopia, it will be added in a couple of days.



Welcome Jarno007 back in the Staff team as Admin.

And sadly, Jensboy2002 has resigned from Head-Mod.

07 Dec 2016, 19:52 1 | 5