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hello everyone,

last month we have spend much time to remake RPG
and finaly everything work great.

we have 7 kingdoms.
Lido            king: Buenoo
Fyllan         king: RobinDFTW
Brondora     king: MinionPower1
Vedia          king: EzAlex
Umilin         king: colafles12
Skodran      king: justdylan01
mostavia     king: TOAD163

We hope we will play on RPG.
the opening is at 27th of May at 7 o'clock.

Do you have any question's? ask the project leaders!
[admin] colablikje12 
[moderator] jagergames

[admin] RobinDFTW
[moderator] MinionPower1
[moderator] JasperGMR

kind regards
The ToadCraft Team

27 May 2017, 00:55 0 | 4
Minetopia is back up and running.

Toadtopia was transformed into a broken, useless map because of some chunk errors which were unable to be fixed.
This means we needed to make a new map, resulting in us needing to have it reset, once again.
It has been around 6 months since we had it all reset, and we have to do it again, sadly enough.
So we have built up our map back ready the past days, and today, it has re-opened!

Enjoy playing in a whole new Toadtopia, players!

The ToadCraft Team

21 May 2017, 16:14 0 | 5
omdat minetopia alleen door nederlandstalige spelers wordt gespeeld hier even een mededeling in het nederlands:

vanwege een probleem met een wereld is minetopia tot een uur of 9 gesloten. excuses voor het ongemak.
maar het positieve: je kunt nu ook op de andere servers van toadcraft kijken zoals survival. om naar een server te gaan gebruik je server compass of een portal.

Vriendelijke groeten,
het toadcraft development team

18 May 2017, 17:31 12 | 23
Hello everyone,

last week we've spend much time to update our donator shop at
So you might be curious about what we did. to give you a sneek peak: we've added perks to Diamond Toad and Mega Toad. and Factions and skyblock got an own catagory now on the shop.
we've also updated the other catogories and donator ranks, but what we've done there is something you've to find out yourself.

Kind regards,
The Toadcraft Developement Team


05 May 2017, 10:44 0 | 5
Hello everyone, You might haven't noticed it but there's a sale going on at and it's ending tomorrow. So grab your chance to get a shiny new rank before it's too late. Kind regards, The Toadcraft Staffteam

30 Apr 2017, 16:41 2 | 17


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