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There have been loads of updates for Toadtopia past months.

Updates to make Toadtopia much more fun and cooler.


Updates like Vehicles including Helicopters, Cars, Motorbikes, Planes, Boats, Parachutes and even Trains!

Theres also Furniture, you can now have beautiful and fun furniture in your houses, buildings, gardens and more! Furniture like chairs, sunshades, tables, sofas, TV's and more!

Another update is a Resource Pack! You now have real weapons, awesome food, fancy hats and more! This Resource Pack even includes a phone which can be used! You can text your friends with it and such!


There have been a lot of updates the past month, not even every update is listed here since there have been that many we don't even remember all of the updates anymore which were not yet announced.


Also something not related with Toadtopia,

We have remade the whole page of our Staff Team. It now looks much better and less glitchy. Go take a look! 😁

22 Jan 2017, 23:24 0 | 5

We now have a new and better IP!

The old IP still works but we thought to have a easier and shorter IP for new players for them to be able to join easier and faster.



ToadCraft Network Staff

14 Dec 2016, 07:44 1 | 4

Voting links:

Minecraft Multiplayer

Try to vote every day to get us higher in the ranking!


We now have voting enabled with rewards on most of our servers!

When voting you will get Voting Crate Keys, those can be used to open Crates with multiple different types of items.

You can get voting rewards in Factions, Skyblock, Toadtopia, Games, and more...

You may be thinking, what can you get in Toadtopia out of crates?

Well, we will be having a Casino in Toadtopia with a couple of games including the Crates.

If you vote, you will get a key to open a Voting Crate, but will also be able to buy different keys for other types of crates.

You can get multiple amounts of money to use in Toadtopia, so if you get lucky enough to have a good prize you get profit from the casino!

We are still working on the Casino in Toadtopia, it will be added in a couple of days.



Welcome Jarno007 back in the Staff team as Admin.

And sadly, Jensboy2002 has resigned from Head-Mod.

07 Dec 2016, 19:52 0 | 1

As we've previously said, there was coming a new Minetopia System which would reset all progress of Minetopia.

That time has come, the new system is here!


We have discussed something with our staff and also with some of our players about the reset.

We thought as there is a reset why not have everything reset?

So we have come to the decision to have a new map.


Minetopia 2.0

Which means a whole different city and we have also come with new rules and became more strictly.

  • We've got a different system for the plots.
  • We will get a new Mayor.
  • Cheaters are now punished immediatly! (We previously didn't really take much time
  • We will build the city more designed, and will have mountains around the map now.
  • Theres many more, if you want to know whats more, come take a look in Minetopia 2.0!


We are already having votings for the decision of the new Mayor in Minetopia 2.0

You can find the votings by clicking here


We will release the map in a couple of days.

We do not have an exact date when we will be ready for the map to launch!



- DutchAero,

Developer of The ToadCraft Network

05 Nov 2016, 22:17 0 | 30

The Realism Update for Minetopia is taking place.


As Minetopia is based on Real-Life Roleplaying we wanted to make it even more realistic.

We have added a few things and some things we did not add yet, which are still in testing.


First of all the things we've added now already.

  • You can now break your legs if you fall off something. This does not mean you cannot die anymore by falling off something, if its too high you will die!
  • Your legs can be healed with bandages. Bandages are craftable, you can find the recipe of them below. Notice: You can not use bandages if stacked.




  • If its snowing or raining you get cold and have to find yourself warmth or wear some clothes.
  • You can now get thirsty and then have to drink something.
  • Fatigue has been added. Every block you break, place or other certain actions your fatigue will go up. You have 250 fatigue, if you reach that 250 fatigue you will be tired and have to sleep or take a rest. /Fatigue to see your fatigue.
  • If you wear any armor you will run more slow than normal, because armour is heavy.
  • By doing /Mystats you will see your Roleplay Name, Nickname and your Roleplay Age.
  • Shooting with a bow that has the enchantment 'Flame' on it will cause the block where you shot on to be lit on fire.
  • You are hurt while having 2 health/hearts.

Things that will be added soon

  • You will be able to have a marriage.
  • You will be able to become a priest.
  • Marriages will happen with a priest.
  • Have a private chat with your partner.
  • Share homes with your partner.
  • Gift items to your partner. (A marriage ring as example.)
  • You will be able to accept or deny someone who wants to marry you.
  • You will be able to kiss your partner.

02 Nov 2016, 16:46 0 | 38